“Bad cosmetics” : la campagne contre les microplastiques dans la cosmétique

The Surfrider Foundation Europe, with Ici Barbès, launches for Valentine's Day a national and European awareness campaign on the impact of the use of microplastics in cosmetics.

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Protecting the ocean is child's play

Who said we can't protect the oceans and still have fun at the same time? Surfrider Europe has comp...

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New year means new resolutions

Every year, January means new resolutions. What if 2020 was the year of going Zero Waste? Here are f...

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At the origin of Ocean's Zero

Inside #7: Rémi Touja. Remi founded the Ocean's Zero application while working as an environmental ...

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Surfrider helps you to do it yourself

Today, we are forced to consume household products that are a source of waste on a daily basis. Doin...

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The Board of Directors in the forefront of Surfrider Europe's positioning

Inside #6 Jacques Beall is one of the members of the Board of Directors of Surfrider Europe. These w...

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Climate change and coastal risks : closely linked issues

Europe is experiencing its greatest temperature highs to date, with recorded temperatures in French ...

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