The Doughmore wall project in Ireland : two years waiting for an answer

To build a wall on an Irish beach to protect a golf course from erosion : this is Donald Trump’s idea of environnemental protection.

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Chemical pollution of the ocean : the pesticide issue

The ocean contains many kinds of pollution. Chemical pollution, in particular, is caused by various ...

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When the icecap is melting somewhere, ocean level rises somewhere else

“Can the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”: That’s the butter...

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1 caught red-handed, 6 trials and 9 years after : a victory against maritime pollution in the Mediteranean

Surfrider Europe had been taking legal action against the owner of the Italian ship SDS Rain since h...

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Blue manifesto : 10 years to save the ocean

10 years, that's the deadline given by 102 environmental organizations, among which Surfrider Europe...

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2019 retrospective : Coastal Defenders get things moving

What should we remember about Coastal Defenders' actions in 2019? Out of the 12 in progress, here ar...

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Progressive Dialogue between all stakeholders is critical for ecological transition

An analysis of the current European systems has been conducted by the NGO.

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